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            1. “WH問題”

            Part1 真題:Do you prefer to buy things in small shops or in big supermarkets and department stores?

            思路演示:Well,I’m more into small shops if I would like to buy things that are special, you know, something like shoes,or accessories. But if I need to buy foods or electrical equipment, then it’s more likely that I would go to a department store, which is more reliable …2. “Yes/No問題”

            Part 3真題:Do you think healthy eating is important?

            思路演示:Yes,eating healthy foods is necessary in many ways,especially that it can prevent some diseases like diabetes. But I think that it is fine to eat a little unhealthy foods in moderation,in fact,we have to say that most of the fast foods are tastier than healthy foods…從以上的例子我們可以看到,從多一個角度考慮問題,ACT口語答案往往就會豐富許多,并且聽起來更加合理全面。但是小編還是要提醒廣大考生,參考這種回答方式時,一定要注意先給出明確直接的答案,否則會讓考官感覺你并未給出正面觀點,有跑題的嫌疑。



            造成答案過短的主要原因之一就是“只回答”考官所提的問題。而是事實上,考官提問的目的并不“只想聽”問題的答案。在基本答案的基礎上,考生們需要主動給出更多額外信息,因為考官想聽到更多“語言能力”的展示。  所以大部分的題目的核心拓展思路為:Direct answer + X  1. X= 5WH+ How Often這個方法基本就是“自問自答”,把與核心內容相關的各方面信息主動提供給考官,然后連綴成完整的答案。下面我們來看一下part1和part2的一些真題演示。  Part 1真題:Have you travelled recently?  思路演示1 :Yes, I have. (Direct answer)Last month(when) I went to Hong Kong(where) with my parents(who). We had a great time at the Disney Land and went shopping,too.(what) 思路演示2: No,I haven’t(Direct answer). I’m been busy with my studies(why).But after the exam(when), my parents and I(who)are going to Hong Kong and we would like to go to Disney Land and go shopping, too. (what)Part 2真題:

            Describe a library that you have used.

            You should say:

            where it was

            what type of library it was

            what you used the library for

            what you liked and /or disliked about this libraryand explain how useful it was for your studies or research.

            思路演示:“where it was”:>我們先來看一下常見真題的演示:

            Part 1 真題: What's your favourite type of music? 思路演示: Well,I’m a big fan of Modern Popular Music(Direct answer), you know, like Hip-Pop, Rap, Rhythm and Blues , Rock ‘n roll, things like that… Part 3 真題:What kinds of films do people in China like to watch? 思路演示:Well, they watch a broad range of movies, in fact(Direct answer). For instance, men prefer Action & Adventure , Martial Arts and Romantic Comedy. But women are more into Romance and Romantic Comedy. And children are quite interested in Science Fiction and Animated Cartoons…  你會發現,如果你對所涉及話題比較熟悉,就應該主動找機會采取舉例子的方法,把之前積累的詞匯作為“examples”展示出來,這是展示“vocabulary”的能力,化被動為主動向考官拿分的好方法。

            3. X= feelings and opinions

            我們都知道在口語part1和part2中問題都是圍繞考生的personal details來設置的,所以可隨時加入自己的感受與觀點,我們先來看一下常見的真題的演示:

            Part 2真題:Describe a teacher who has greatly influenced you in your education.

            You should say:

            where you met them

            what subject they taught

            what was special about them

            and explain why this person influenced you so much.

            思路演示:“what subject they taught” He taught us maths in the second year of middle school. Well, I have to say that, before I had Mr. Chen as my teacher, maths had always been so boring and difficult to me that I always slept during class, it was my nightmare, you know. And I guess that is why I didn’t like him at the beginning…


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