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          典型失敗案例: Topic 1-Should college students be allowed to get married?

          This topic is very interesting. I’m very interested in talking about this topic. Because I’m also a college student and I’m not married……修改方案:開門見山 直奔主題In my opinion, it would not be a wise decision to allow college students to get married。Topic 2-Will modern technology, such as the Internet, ever replace the bookor the writing word as the sole source of information? (雅思真題)Ok, this topic is a very good topic. First, let me tell you a story: I have a friend, he likes go on the Internet very much. Every day, he uses internet to read news or play Internet games. So we can see the Internet is more and more important in our daily life.Topic 3-The importance of environmental protectionOh, this topic is surely very important. Isn’t it? Of course! It’s really very very important!。



          典型失敗案例:Topic 1-The happiest moment in your lifeIn our life, there are always some moments which make your heart flower opened angrily……Topic 2- The population problemThe population problem is a very big problem. For example, in the city centers of Shanghai, we can always see people mountain people sea there.Topic 3- Is there fairness in today’s business world?I think in today’s society, there is no fairness in the business world. For example, I always chopped when I go out buy things……Topic 4- The advantage of being a nice personBeing a nice person have many advantages. I believe if a people always do bad things, he will get “baoying”.



          典型失敗案例: Topic -Should college students be allowed to get married?I think this topic is very hard to say. Because I am still very little, only 17, and not married, so this topic is very difficult for me……



          典型失敗案例:Topic -It is said that nowadays one can not acquire the qualifications and quality essential to success through university education. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement? (雅思真題)I think to success, we must have a lot of important qualities. To have these important qualities, we must learn a lot of things, for example, English,music tools, and etc. We can learn these qualities from our teachers, our friends and from books. All in all, we can learn from many places.



          典型失敗案例:Topic-The importance of environmental protectionThis issue is surely very important, let’s talk about it!


          用詞不當 表達不準

          典型失敗案例:Topic-Should college students be allowed to get married?I think college students should not be allowed to get married because the yare very young and so we can’t take the responsibility to form a family.


          如何強化學校體育 促進學生身心健康全面發展